To carry Dental Insurance or not is the question . . .

Have you ever wondered why dental insurance is not rolled-up with your basic health care plan?  Why is it we have to make a determination if it is more economical and prudent to carry a separate policy for dental coverage, or simple defer that cost and pay for dental out-of-pocket.

Here’s a news report:  “ER visits for dental problems on the rise,” in the USA Today, back in 2015.

Just over a third of working-age adults nationally, and 64 percent of seniors, lacked dental coverage of any kind in 2012, meaning they had to pay for everything out of pocket. And the 10 percent of American adults with Medicaid dental plans often can’t find dentists to take them. The ADA says that’s partly because reimbursements are so low — 41 percent of private insurance reimbursement in Kentucky last year. . . .

People pay a price for going without dental care. Federal figures show that about four in 10 adults nationally had no dental visit in the past year, and more than a quarter of working-age adults, and one in five seniors, have untreated cavities.

When poor people do get care, dentists say, the uninsured usually opt for the cheapest available and Medicaid patients usually choose only basic, covered services such as extractions.

What are your thoughts on this?